Meet our Teachers & Staff


Mrs. Kristin Reed


Mrs. Jill Russell


Mrs. Crystal Sullivan


Mrs. Jennifer Woulas


Ms. Caitlin Thompson

First Grade

Mrs. Kristin Hatt

First Grade

Mrs. Suzanne Krasny

First Grade

Mrs. Barbara Walters

First Grade

Mrs. Sarah Blanchard

Second Grade

Mrs. Christine Pauly

Second Grade

Mrs. Amanda Powers

Second Grade

Mrs. Chrissy Sells

Second Grade

Mrs. La Neika Washington

Second Grade

Ms. Jessica Marsden

Third Grade

Mrs. Naomi Pelfrey

Third Grade

Mrs. Brittany Powell

Third Grade

Ms. Jessica Constantino

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Ali Craddock

Fourth Grade

Mrs. April Nolan

Fourth Grade

Ms. Tania Prisco

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Stephanie Connolly

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Melissa Couch

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Teresa White

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Nicole Bryant

Middle School Science

Mr. Mark Chimiak

Middle School Latin

Ms. Rachel Claflin

Middle School Mathematics

Ms. Jennifer Russo

Middle School ELA

Mrs. Rebecca Houston

Middle School- Math Enrichment and Learning Strategies

Mr. Nicholas Price

Middle School History

ESE/Gifted and Instructional Coaches

Ms. Jean marie Contreras

Director of Mathematics Curriculum

Mrs. Marla Connick

ESE Teacher (Primary)

Mrs. Denise Forsythe

Student Services Coordinator

Mrs. Amanda Kassabian


Mrs. Susan Hutchinson

ESE Assistant

Mrs. Kate Palmeri

Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Laura Lopez

ESE Resource (intermediate)/MTSS Coordinator

Mrs. Nicole Roberts

Director of Literacy Instruction


Mrs. Elizabeth Farney

Spanish Language

Ms. Bridget Geiger

Art Education

Ms. Kate Nadolny

Music Education

Mrs. Lucy Walker

Physical Education

Mrs. Elyse Waterhouse

Physical Education


Mr. Paul Brown

Facilities Manager

Mrs. June Brown

Office Staff

Mr. Scott Doyle

Head Custodian

Ms. Jan Green

School Registrar

Mrs. Kathy Holem

Food Service Director

Mrs. Kate Pirrung

Front Office Staff

Mrs. Liz Short

Before/Aftercare Coordinator

Mrs. Angela Ward

Food Service Manager